Flinders Island is a striking jewel of the Australian coastline. Its beauty lies not only in its varied landscape of deserted beaches and lush pastures, but perhaps more so in its strong and friendly community of 800 locals.

Old and new, honest and dedicated, it’s the people and producers of Flinders Island who deepen the authenticity of this humble, yet vibrant island. With an ethos focused on simple living and sustainability, great importance is placed on more than just the end result. Organic and biodynamic techniques are commonly used and in turn are creating top quality harvests. Garlic, olive oil, honey and grass-fed meat are just a few of the Island’s delicacies that serve to awaken your senses.

This same ethos and community spirit is at the heart of Flinders Island Fresh, our business showcases and supports the talents of local producers. This foundation enables the islanders to focus whole-heartedly on the land and their crafts. Our presence on the Island is ever growing as we evolve and expand to cater the Island’s needs.

Flinders Island Fresh has built on the momentum of the locals. As always we are passionate about working alongside innovative growers and producers to inspire, create and grow seasonal niche products. Whether we’re assisting with marketing, new product development or value adding to seasonal harvests, Flinders Island Fresh is always on hand. There is no better time for community members to bring their entrepreneurial visions forward.

From this little part of Tasmania, big things are growing. Come and discover the produce we love!