Flinders Island is a wonderland for children. Full of adventure, nature and freedom, it’s a childhood many miss out on. Sophie and Mark Pitchford’s three children have the added experience of a farm upbringing. Farming garlic is Brymworth farm’s speciality. It’s one they are mighty good at.

Sparked by a bad day at the office Sophie decided to tackle her own garlic crop after seeing wild garlic growing on their 300-hectare property. That one impulsive decision started at 300 bulbs and now extends to 25,000. Sophie admits she doesn’t know how to stop.

The Pitchford’s certified organic status showcases the hard work and commitment they put into every bulb. On Brymworth Farm every garlic bulb is cared for every day for the 8 months before harvest. Hand sown, hand watered, hand weeded and eventually hand picked, all without the use of sprays. It is a labour of love. One that’s extends right down to the roots with soil preparation, mulch and green manure playing an important role.

While it’s fresh Flinders Purple and Spanish Rojo garlic that Brymworth farm are well known for, they also showcase dehydrated and smoked garlic. Like fresh, prepared dehydrated garlic can be used in soups, curries and sauces. Its long shelf life makes it the perfect choice when fresh garlic is out of season.

Byrmworth Farm has an exciting year ahead. As well as their usual November harvest it’s time to experiment. Sophie plans on investigating the use of she-oak seeds in the garlic smoker. Stay tuned.