Cabinet Meeting Luncheon

On Tuesday 30th June, the Tasmanian Government Ministers held the first State Cabinet meeting on Flinders Island.

Flinders Island Fresh catered the luncheon for 70 people which included the Tasmanian Ministers, local Councillors and islanders.

On the “very well received” menu, we served up :

Mini luncheon¬†rolls –
* Flinders Island Wallaby, Emily’s Beetroot Relish & Spinach
* Scotch Fillet with homemade mustard pickle, sun dried tomato, cream cheese & rocket
* Chicken Caesar Rolls

Mini Quiche –
* Quiche Lorraine
* Vegetarian
* Bacon, Sun-dried Tomato & Feta
* Spinach & Cheese

Lackrana Sausage Rolls
Assorted Sandwiches