Chilli & Lime Pickle – Stage 1

I recently acquired some lovely organic limes from “Cooma House” a soon to be B & B at Badger Corner. The next day my neighbour from “Burra Downs” a Merino sheep & Angus cattle farm, popped over to our house to deliver a jar of “Crawf’s Ballistic Chillies” … yes … they are super HOT!!

After preserving the majority of limes purely in salt & lime juice, we’ve used an old favourite lime pickle recipe for the rest. This has an Indian flair and it’s definitely an adventure to make as the fermenting process takes about 6 weeks! But it is well worth the effort 🙂

Check back around the 2nd week of September to see Stage Two of the process! Recipe below pics

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Burra Downs Chilli & Cooma Lime Pickles Recipe

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Fermentation time: 5-6 weeks


Stage One:

2 kg limes
8 tablespoons salt
6 tablespoons turmeric
2 tablespoons white vinegar
a few fresh chillis


Stage Two:

2 cups peanut oil
2 tablespoon asofoetida
1 cup yellow mustard seeds
1/4 cup crushed fenugreek seeds
fresh chillis to taste


Stage One:

1. Cut the limes into wedges – (8 slices)

2. Place lime wedges into a fermenting vessel. Ceramic or glass is best and toss with the salt, turmeric and vinegar and chilli to taste.

3. Cover with a towel or an airlock, if you use a lid, must remember to release the gas every day. Let it ferment for 4 weeks, stirring every few days. This fermentation period helps to tenderize the lime peel.

Stage Two:

4. After 4 weeks, add the peanut oil, asofoetida, mustard seeds, fenugreek and more chilli.

5. Let it sit for another week or 2 to give the flavours a chance to combine.

6. Jar it up in sterilized jars and place in a refrigerator.

Serve  as a condiment with curries or stir frys.