Life on Flinders Island is slower, simpler and sweeter. Andrew Matthewson’s locally produced honey only adds to its sweetness. The Islands diverse landscape provides the perfect environment for Andrew’s beehives.

Scattered throughout the Island the hives produce several varieties including Meadow, Native Box and the highly active and antibacterial Manuka honey.

The ti-tree hives produce Manuka, the dandelion contributes to the delicate colour of Meadow honey and the native box tree gives nutty remnants to its own variety. Each honey is unique and showcases the flavours captured by the bees surrounding environment. This is rather magical.

Flinders Island Honey is liquid gold to the locals. In the chilly months a good spoonful paired with lemon and ginger helps build the immune system and fend off the common cold. Sealed fresh, raw and utterly delicious.

(text courtesy of The Field Guide to Tasmanian Produce)