Highly regarded Flinders Island Meat is flown from the Island directly to the nation’s top restaurants. The unique flavour of Milk Fed Lamb, Pasture Fed Wallaby and Saltgrass Lamb is in high demand countrywide.

Father and son team David and James Madden took over the Island’s abandoned abattoir in 2011. Passionate for a product that is of the utmost quality, they take paddock to plate to a new level. Production Manager, David Madden, describes animal treatment as the most important factor when creating a level of difference. It’s a difference you can taste. Chefs Kylie Kwong and Sean Connolly agree.

A visit to Flinders Island helps distinguish exactly why Flinders Island Meat is set apart from the rest. The remote and pristine environment plays an important role in the quality of meat. Lush pastures, the purest air in the world, highly progressive and devoted farmers and a low stress system sees the animals thrive. It’s also thought that the winds whipping in from the Roaring Forties coat the pastures with a layer of sea salt, seasoning the meat from the inside out. This unique seasoning technique is responsible for giving the meat that extra special something. As well as being mouth wateringly delicious, take comfort in the knowledge that all Flinders Island Meat is grass fed and hormone and drug free.

Flinders Island Meat retails nationwide, yet if visiting the Island you can’t miss the Flinders Island Meat Butchers Shop. You have access to the best range of meat the Island has to offer and a wealth of local knowledge on how to cook it to perfection. That’s what Island life is all about.