Helen Carnell spent many joyous holidays visiting Flinders Island and wanted that same joy to be experienced by her children. Helen relocated from the coffee mecca of Melbourne, yet the simple pleasures of fresh coffee she couldn’t live without. This launched a journey to bring the people of Flinders Island freshly roasted, good quality and ethically sourced coffee beans.

Inspired by an article highlighting the lost art of simple coffee roasting. Helen fell in love with green beans and the naked flame. Her homemade beer keg roaster saw her through two years of experimental roasting. Helen describes roasting beans similar to cooking popcorn, just slightly more complex. The true art is mastering the flavour profile, which Helen has perfected through explorative trial and error.

Furneaux Coffee beans are precious. It’s important to Helen that she knows where her beans come from. She supports fair trade, organic green coffee beans, and Australian chemical free green beans. The blend is a special one. It includes beans from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and a small plantation in northern New South Wales. “I like dealing with the Australian plantations because you know exactly what you’re getting”. Helens Furneaux Coffee Island blend embodies a mix of half Australian and half International beans. One cup of Furneaux Coffee captures the essence and flavours of the whole world.

The launch of Furneaux Coffee has created buzz throughout the community and has brought a Flinders Island coffee culture of its own. Helen’s beer keg roaster has since retired and a commercial roaster is now making life easier. Judging from the local hype, Furneaux coffee is set for a bright future.