Meat Free Monday! #1

I recently spent a morning in my daughters class at the school and volunteering in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. We cooked a Moroccan feast from produce grown in the garden. Its a fabulous program and a very important one for our kids!!

The focus here is on seasonal produce that the kids grow themselves, they harvest the food and then prepare a menu (usually with an International flavour) Then each group of kids prepares a different recipe and they all sit down to a shared lunch together. Its an important life skill and in this lesson the kids learn with enthusiam and excitement – my daughter now eats foods that she previously wouldn’t even try! In this class its also rare that they have meat on the menu – (and maybe once a month desserts are made as a special treat!)

Here at Flinders Island Fresh, It’s inspired us to join in the movement of a ‘Meat Free Monday’. Every Monday we’ll share a seasonal vegetable recipe as an alternative to meat. There are health reasons and environmental reasons why choosing to have a meat-free day a week is of benefit to us all – there are a lots of resources online if you’d like to research this, otherwise please just enjoy the vegetable recipes we share 🙂

The menu:
* Moroccan Triangles – Pumpkin w/ Pine Nuts
* Moroccan Kale Salad
* Moroccan Zucchini Couscous salad
* Tzactziki Dip
* West African Crunchy Salad

Download the Flinders Island Kids Moroccan Feast menu!