The locals of Flinders Island are spoilt rotten. Surrounded by pristine beaches, clear seawater and rugged mountains. The island is also home to the cleanest air in the world and the purest rainwater. Yet it’s not something the people of Flinders Island take for granted. Island life is about community, living simply, being self-sufficient and giving back in order to conserve and protect for future generations.

This was the philosophy behind Mick & Liz Grimshaw’s venture ‘Straitwater’. A business based on sustainability, Straitwater is 100 per cent pure filtered rainwater. It’s caught, filtered and cleverly bottled in reusable glass bottles for your enjoyment. “A bottle for life” is the Straitwater motto. After use Mick encourages the bottles to be returned for washing and reuse. Again and again and again. With an abundant of rainfall on Flinders Island there is plenty to go around.

The Grimshaw’s hope that visitors to the island get behind the movement. Supporting Straitwater means experiencing the Island in its most beautiful and simplest form while helping eradicate single use plastic bottles. Being a keen surfer, diver and beach lover, Mick knows all too well where plastic bottles end up. With around seven million tonne of plastic litter entering the ocean every year, Straitwater are doing their bit to reduce this number.

It doesn’t stop there. Looking to the future, Mick & Liz hope to distribute Straitwater through bulk vending machines thus reducing packaging further. It’s visions like Mick’s that could pave the way to a brighter future. Get on board.