Jon takes pride in his work and his process takes you back to the way things used to be. His sauces are hand made, hand bottled and use no preservatives or funny business. Nothing but the best organic ingredients are featured, with many grown in Jon’s garden or sourced from the Flinders Island community. Both his fresh and dry chilli versions are simply cooked down, added to vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt, and then blended. What does Jon put the finished product on? “Everything!”

A venture like Jon’s doesn’t come without its difficulties. The realities of island life often make sourcing ingredients difficult, and with the wild weather across Bass Strait growing conditions aren’t always ideal. Jon simply can’t grow as much as he would like. Yet his passion to create a cult product remains.

With an influx of like-minded people on Flinders Island trying their luck in small business ventures, Jon is inspired to extend his range. The Juggler Presents’ future looks to involve chilli jams, harrisa and smoked chilli sauces. Perhaps even a shop one day. This is one red hot cult that you should jump on board.