In a world where people often loose sight of the little things, Helen Cassidy thrives on them. Known by many as ‘The Lettuce Lady’ it’s her leafy greens that bring her an abundance of joy. What Helen loves most is watching her lettuce flourish, tending to its needs, admiring the colours, shapes and patterns. Beautiful simplicity. Grown strictly from certified organic seeds Helen grows up to 12 varieties, from cos, salad bowl green, salad bowl red to frilly pink. Gardening is Helen’s first love. She works tirelessly using biodynamic practices and certified organic growing methods. One visit to her farm and you’re instantly uplifted by Helen’s energy, passion and zest for life.

Lured in from the mainland, Helen’s work brought her to one of the most spectacular destinations in Australia. Situated within the Mountain Seas property on Flinders Island her home and office are surrounded by mountains, rock formations, acres of native forest and natural streams. Add breath-taking views of the ocean, and it simply is paradise.

Helen’s newest discovery and admiration is her famous ‘dirty wasabi’. This soil grown wasabi is a Tasmanian first. Unknown by many, the wasabi plant is waste free and extremely versatile. Popular for it’s flavoursome root, the wasabi leaves and stem are equally as valuable. Helen suggests wrapping sautéed leaves around crayfish, sprinkling wasabi flowers on a salad for a peppery touch or adding the stem to a stir-fry. On top of that there’s Helen’s rendition of wasabi ice-cream that has already collected fans near and far.

Working alongside Flinders Island Fresh has taken Helen’s business to new horizons. Assisting with labelling, promotion, marketing and sales, Helen can focus on what she does best and leave the rest to the experts. It’s bound to be a busy year ahead. Helen plans to increase her wasabi production to allow for a continuous supply and perhaps add a crop of ginger to the mix.

With paradise on her door step and a supportive community of 700 locals – it’s no wonder the Lettuce Lady is here for good.